The Benefits Of Using An Oxygen Concentrator
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The Benefits Of Using An Oxygen Concentrator

First and foremost, an oxygen concentrator offers convenience in terms of portability and storage. Unlike tanks filled with liquid or compressed oxygen gas, which require frequent refills and take up a significant amount of space when stored, the size of most modern oxygen concentrators is easily transportable and takes up minimal space when not in use. The portability factor also makes it ideal for individuals who lead active lifestyles but still need supplemental oxygen while out and about.

In addition to its portability feature, an oxygen concentrator is also cost-effective compared to other methods of delivering supplemental oxygen. Unlike purchasing bottles filled with liquid or compressed gas which must be replaced every few days at considerable expense over time , the only expenses associated with operating an oxygenequipment is the initial purchase price plus any ongoing maintenance fees that may be charged by the manufacturer . This makes them a great option for people on tight budgets who still require supplementary therapy.

Finally , one benefit that cannot be overlooked is safety . Because they do not contain any hazardous materials , there is no risk posed by handling or transporting them . Furthermore , because they are designed specifically for medical use , users can rest assured knowing that their device meets stringent safety standards set forth by regulatory bodies like Health Canada.

Overall, using an Oxygen Concentrator provides a safe, cost-effective and convenient way for individuals requiring supplementary therapy due to respiratory ailments. With all these benefits combined into one device, it’s easy to see why so many people rely on this type of equipment as part of their treatment plans.