Essay On Diabetes Dos And Don’ts
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Essay On Diabetes Dos And Don’ts

The first thing people with diabetes should do is take their medications as prescribed by their doctor. This includes medications to regulate blood sugar levels, keep cholesterol levels in check, and lower blood pressure if necessary. It may be difficult to remember to take all of these different kinds of medication every day, but it’s essential for managing the condition.

Another important “do” when living with diabetes is to eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as lean proteins like fish or chicken breast. Eating healthy foods will help keep blood sugar levels under control while also providing your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs for optimal health. Additionally, individuals should limit intake of processed sugars and carbohydrates which can cause spikes in blood sugar levels.

When it comes to exercise, people with diabetes should make sure they stay active on a regular basis—ideally at least 30 minutes most days of the week. Exercise helps promote better circulation while also helping regulate insulin levels in the body which helps keep blood sugar in check. Additionally, regular activity can help reduce stress which has been linked to higher rates of type 2 diabetes in adults.

Finally, one major “don’t” when living with diabetes is smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products such as cigars or chewing tobacco since they can damage the heart and increase the risk for complications related to diabetes such as stroke or heart attack. Those who already smoke should talk to their doctor about quitting strategies that work best for them so they can protect their overall health while living with this condition.

In essence, those living with diabetes must ensure they follow healthy lifestyle habits including taking medications properly; eating a balanced diet; exercising regularly; and avoiding smoking or using other tobacco products in order to manage this chronic condition effectively over time.