Easy Chicken Breast Recipes For Busy Weeknights
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Easy Chicken Breast Recipes For Busy Weeknights

Grilled Chicken Breasts with Lemon and Rosemary: This is a classic grilled chicken recipe that packs tons of flavor into each bite. All you need to do is mix together olive oil, lemon juice, minced garlic, rosemary, salt, and pepper to create the marinade. Marinate the chicken breasts for at least one hour before grilling over medium-high heat until cooked through. Serve with your favorite sides for a quick and delicious meal!

Baked Chicken Parmesan: This dish is always sure to please even the pickiest eaters in your family! Start by preheating the oven to 375 degrees F then breading chicken breasts with seasoned breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese before baking them for 25 minutes or until golden brown and cooked through. Serve with warm tomato sauce over pasta or zoodles (zucchini noodles) for an Italian-inspired dinner.

Crispy Baked Chicken Strips: If you’re looking for something kid-friendly but still healthy, these crispy baked chicken strips are it! All you need to do is cut up boneless skinless chicken breasts into thin strips before tossing them in a mixture of panko breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, paprika, dried oregano, salt & pepper. Spread out on a greased baking sheet then bake at 400 degrees F until golden brown and crispy 每 about 15 minutes depending on how thick your strips are! Serve alongside your favorite dipping sauces like barbecue sauce or honey mustard dressing.

Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry: This dish is perfect if you’re trying to use up any veggies lurking in your produce drawer! Start by making an easy teriyaki sauce using soy sauce (or tamari), maple syrup (or honey), sesame oil & rice vinegar then marinate bite-sized pieces of boneless skinless chicken breast in it while prepping other ingredients like chopped bell peppers and mushrooms. Heat up some oil in a wok or large skillet then toss everything together before cooking until everything is tender 每 about 5 minutes should do it! Serve over steamed white rice or quinoa for a complete meal that is ready fast!

These easy chicken breast recipes will have dinner ready quickly so that you can spend more time enjoying quality time with family instead of stressing over what’s going on the table tonight – take advantage of this versatile ingredient now!